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PCV Driver Training


A PCV Category 'D' licence entitles the holder (who must be a minimum 18 years of age) to drive any PCV, Bus or Coach vehicle regardless of the number of axles. Category 'D' licence holders are limited to towing a trailer not exceeding 750kgs (Drivers required to tow a trailer more than 750kgs a Category 'DE' licence will be required). A PCV Category ‘D1’ licence entitles the holder to drive a vehicle with no more than 16 passenger seats with a maximum length of 8 metres and a trailer up to 750kg. (Drivers required to tow a trailer more than 750kgs a Category 'D1E' licence will be required)

With Acklams Training Academy we pride in providing quality training to the highest standards with trainers holding many years industry experience.

Our training is provided in vehicles fit for service with training around the Beverley, East Riding and Hull areas, training in all road conditions, and a facility for off road practice using our own dedicated manoeuvring area.

Based on previous experience, we recommend that all potential delegates take advantage of a Driver Training Evaluation. This evaluation assists to provide delegates with an insight into the training requirements expected when driving a bus or coach, but also gives our instructors the opportunity to evaluate the number of training days or hours expected to be required for delegates to reach the DVSA test standard.

The evaluation is normally no longer than two-hours in duration, ideally, delegates will be required to hold the provisional PCV licence entitlement.

Evaluations and training are normally conducted Monday - Friday between 9:00 am and 15:00 pm, although occasionally training slots are available on evenings and weekends.



Cost of Medical


Delegates require the PCV provisional entitlement adding to their current car driving licence before they can attend a course of training. To assist with your application, we can supply the relevant application forms, application (D2) for a PCV Driving Licence plus the Medical Report (D4). The D4 Medical Report must be completed by a doctor who does not necessarily have to be your own GP, we can a arrange a medical for you at a cost of £90.


DVLA do not charge to add the PCV Provisional Entitlement to your current licence.



Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) theory test


It is necessary for delegates looking to gain either the D or D1 category licence to first pass the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) theory test. The DVSA theory test is made up in two parts, the first part is multiple choice and will contain 100 questions of which you will be required to answer 85 of them correctly. The second part, known as the Hazard Perception, contains 19 clips (20 hazards) and you are required to attain 67 out of a possible 100 marks.



Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)


In addition, to drive commercially the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) must also be completed, a qualification introduced in 2008. The CPC increases the amount of knowledge that drivers need before they can drive commercially, like the theory test, the CPC has its own theory element the Driver CPC Part 2 Case Study test which needs to be passed prior to completing the Driver CPC second part, the part 4 Practical Demonstration test.



CPC Practical Demonstration


The Driver CPC part 4 Practical Demonstration test involves walking around a stationary vehicle with an approved DVSA examiner, demonstrating that you understand the checks required to be completed on a vehicle prior to service, etc, and the test lasts approximately 30 – 35 minutes.

At Acklams Training Academy we can assist ensure you are fully prepared for the practical demonstration test and can provide the training as a half day training session assisting you gain the knowledge and understanding ready for the test.



Driver CPC parts and costs



Theory Test Fees:


Driver CPC part 1a – Theory-Multi Choice test:   £26 (Weekdays/weekends)


Driver CPC part 1b – Hazard Perception test:      £11 (Weekdays/weekends)


Driver CPC part 2 – Case study test:                 £23 (Weekdays/weekends)


Practical test Fees: 


Driver CPC part 3a – Off-road Exercise:              £40 (Days/weekends)


Driver CPC part 3b – On-road Driving:                 £115 (Weekdays)     £141 (Evenings/Weekends)


Driver CPC part 4 – Practical Demonstration         £55 (Weekdays)       £63 (Evenings/Weekends)

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